Maid Services

Maid services

If you're searching for the best maid services agency in NCR, look no further than Kumar Hitai Placement. Our agency is a reliable maid agency that is located near you, and we are committed to providing you with the right maid to save you time and help you escape from the never-ending house chores. Choosing the right maid for your home is crucial, as the right choice can provide great comfort to your home and family, while a wrong choice can be a total nightmare. At Kumar Hitai Placement, we understand this, and that's why we are your ideal partner for hiring the right maid for your home.

Our experienced team carefully listens to and understands your requirements, and using our greatest strength, which is our huge network of maids, we will provide you with the best suitable matches. We believe that every home has different needs, and every maid carries a different work attitude. That's why our maid agency aims to close the gap by helping you choose the best suitable candidate. So if you're looking for a reliable maid agency near you, you are at the right place with Kumar Hitai Placement.


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